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Happy Birthday Wishes & Greeting

  • It is a way to let the person know that you care and that you are happy because it is his or her birthday. Read these unique birthday quotes and sayings for every type of person as well as for any age.
  • On your birthday, I wish you abundant happiness and love. May all your dreams become a reality. But even more than that, may it bring you loads of true love and friendship. Have an amazing birthday!
  • I hope that your birthday is as happy as a chimpanzee without pants! Happy Bday.
  • You yell at times and you lose your mind. You get wild and you throw a fit too. But all that is excused because today is dedicated especially to you! Wonderful birthday.
  • You used to have really, really tiny fingers. But you have always had a gigantic heart. Thanks for opening it to me. Best Birthday.
  • I wish you 1 thing, to give you the chance to see yourself as I see you, only then you would realize how special you really are. Wonderful Bday!
  • The perfect recipe for your year ahead should be 20 percent love mixed with 30 percent luck. Add on top 20 percent courage and garnish it with 30 percent health. Say cheers to life and have a Happy Birthday!
  • It’s your birthday today! You know what that means? It’s time to wear the hat, blow the candles and cut the cake. But don’t forget to think of all the wishes you want to make! Enjoy your day!
  • Have a great day and enjoy in your life!
  • I just wanted to say best bday, and hope you have the best party ever.
  • It’s not my fault for forgetting your Birthday, it’s just my memory that weakens year after year. I think you know what I’m talking about.
  • Nothing brings me more happiness than the
  • smile on your face. I want to see that smile on my girlfiend’s lips forever. Celebrate! You deserve the best
  • Let us fly together through the breeze of love on your birthday.
  • Let the number of years you have lived not be a reminder of how old you are but see it as a medal of all you have been through in life.
  • Words alone are not enough to express how happy I am you are celebrating another year of your life! My wish for you on your birthday is you are and will always be happy and healthy! Don’t every change.
  • There is a word for people like us.. fun, cool, sexy, talented, attractive, you choose, They all apply! Happy Birthday.
  • I hope that the sun shines as brightly on you today as your love has always shone on me. Best Bday.
  • My love, You bring a smile to my face. You bring joy to my heart. You are the sunshine of my life. All of that and much more, every time I think of you.
  • I draw a circle around you, Not a heart, Because a heart can break, But a circle goes on forever. Wonderful bday sweetheart.
  • Best Birthday to my beautiful, fantastic, amazing and incredible Wife!!! Looking forward to celebrating you today. I love you.
  • To live my life with you is all I desire, Wonderful Birthday!
  • Loving you is the best thing I have ever done in my life, happy birthday.

  • The best part of everyday is sharing it with a person like you. Wonderful Birthday Darling.
  • Robert Frost said A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age. Happy Bday!
  • Happy Bday to the sweetest girlfriend/wife ever! You deserve all the success, happiness and love in the world. Let’s celebrate this special day of your life together.
  • You and I are meant to be together; I love you and wish the world for you.
  • Best birthday my love of my life. I am so glad that you have become my dearest husband.
  • I’m lucky to share my life with you every day and when you turn one year more I become more aware of what you want.
  • Here are some beautiful cute and funny images to make perfect birthday wishes to mother, sister, brother, grandpa and grandma smiling and happy on this special day.
  • I wish that I could be the greatest friend in the world, but there is no way to be a better friend than you are. Happy Birthday.
  • Special friends are a rare find, but am I glad that you are one of mine! Best Bday to a friend I’ll never forget!

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